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Wines of Portugal return to Brazil

Wines of Portugal | 21 June '16
Wines of Portugal return to Brazil
From 21-27 June in Salvador, Vitória and Fortaleza
ViniPortugal promotes three wine tastings in Salvador, Vitoria and Fortaleza from 21-27 June, because the Brazilian market remains in the focus of the Wines of Portugal promotion. These initiatives intend to create awareness and raise knowledge about the Portuguese wines in Brazil. In this way, ViniPortugal challenges the consumers to discover what’s unique, finding the difference.

The first wine tasting will be held on June 21 in Salvador, and will bring together eight Portuguese winemakers. Then the Wines of Portugal will travel to the city of Vitória to participate at the important wine fair called Expovinhos Vitória, from 22 - 23 June. Nine stands and 10 winemakers will represent the high quality of the Portuguese wines. The final wine tasting will be held in Fortaleza, on June 27, with 13 winemakers.

The promotion of Portuguese wines in Brazil began last April and lasts until September, with special actions to strengthen the promotion in the important Brazilian market. The Roadshow includes several initiatives such as events, wine tastings and trainings that will be held from north to south of the country, in Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Florianopolis, Salvador, Maceio, Recife, Fortaleza, São Paulo and Porto Alegre.

In 2016 the wine tastings were open to the consuming public, with entrance fee, remaining accessible to specialized professionals from sector and media. The Wines of Portugal Promotional Roadshow also includes a strong educational commitment with the trainings.

The food pairing potential of the Portuguese wines will be demonstrated through the incredible combination with very different dishes, associated with its long history and tradition, reveal important characteristics.

Brazil is currently experiencing an uncertainty about the future of its economy. However the Portuguese wines are taking advantage of these moments to strengthen the position and recognition of the Wines of Portugal brand, raising opportunities while other countries may be restraining the promotional investment.

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