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ViniPortugal promotes the first Wines of Portugal Grand Tasting in Switzerland

Wines of Portugal | 29 September '16
ViniPortugal promotes the first Wines of Portugal Grand Tasting in Switzerland
Zurich will host the first Wines of Portugal Grand Tasting in Switzerland, the next 3rd October
The Swiss market will discover the true World of Difference during the first Grand Tasting with Portuguese wines, organized by ViniPortugal. Zurich will host the event, next 3rd October at the Kongresshaus Zurich, which represents an investment of the Wines of Portugal promotion in this market.

The event will bring together 62 winemakers and will be the biggest event of the Portguese wines on the Swiss market so far. The initiative includes two seminars - one for professionals and another for consumers - led by SIGI wine journalist.


2pm to 8pm – Grand Tasting
From 2pm to 3pm – 1st Seminar, Aging potential of Portuguese wines
5pm to 6pm – 2nd Seminar, Learn more about award-winning wines with gold medal in the Wines of Portugal Challenge

Jorge Monteiro, ViniPortugal CEO, "Switzerland, being the 8th largest importer of bottled wine, is a market that deserves special attention by our sector, and where we believe that there’s a high growth potential for our wines. That is the reason why ViniPortugal decided to organize this event for the first time, which aims to increase the volume of exports but specially pretends to show to Swiss professionals that Portugal produces high quality wines and is competing with Italy, the market leader, France and Germany. It’s an initiative focused on value rather than volume. In 2015, the exports reached about 27 thousand euros, an increase around 4% in value compared to 2014, keeping this tendency in the 1st half of this year."


  1. André Lindo
    This event happens every year in Switzerland and the public is almost the same every year. This kind of events should happen more often in Switzerland and should have much more advertisement to be effective.

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