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New Formations called "How to qualify the wine service – By the Glass!"

| 27 January '17
New Formations called
From 13rd February to 13rd October at ViniPortugal’s premises, in Lisbon, and Palácio da Bolsa in Porto

ViniPortugal invites Horeca channel to participate in the trainings "How to qualify the Wine Service - By the Glass!" The trainings will be held at Mondays from 13rd February to 13rd October, between 3pm and 6pm. In Lisbon they will take place at ViniPortugal’s premises and in Porto they will be held at Palácio da Bolsa, Porto.

The participation in the trainings is free for the Horeca Channel and aims to aware about the advantages of the good wine service enhancing the knowledge about its procedures. Each session will focus on wine conservation techniques and instruments. In order to promote a responsible wine service, we will also present guidelines on the Portuguese wines initiation, types of wines, grape varieties, wine regions, as well as basics of harmonization.

As in previous years, the courses are part of "By the Glass" campaign and are targeted to professionals from different areas such as a restaurant, bar, discotheques or Wine bars, with the aim of promoting a business improvement of a personalized experience between the consumer and the establishment.

To participate in the training, it is necessary to register through the email: For more information you can access the page


Training dates


Palácio da Bolsa, Porto

February 13

March 20

April 10

May 8

June 5

July 10

September 25th

October, 23

November 27


ViniPortugal, IVV Building in Lisbon

February 20th

March, 27 th

April 17th

May 22nd

June 19

September 11th

October 9

November 13

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