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Latest market information from Denmark and Sweden

Our partner on the Nordic market: Ehrenberg Sørensen Kommunikation | 07 May '20
Latest market information from Denmark and Sweden
Ehrenberg Sørensen Kommunikation did a survey, in Denmark and Sweden with several wine importers and distributor to get the latest market information.
The summary of these interviews are as follows:
> What impact has the crisis had on sales?
- All sales to the restaurant are stopped. But instead, they are very successful in selling to individuals - and in particular on digital platforms.
- Supermarket & wine shops: stagnating or even increasing in some outlets.
- Online sales: Strong growth (+200 to 250%)
- Only the Horeca sector is a problem, which should be resolved as soon as restaurants and bars open.
> Has the pattern of consumer spending changed?

- We have clearly seen an increase in sales to individuals. The feeling is that many people sit at home and enjoy wine more often these days.
- We also have info of what they consume more quality wines than before (the consumer is delivering at home now that they can not go out).
> Did you develop new initiatives during these periods?

- Additional discounts
- Tasting box sale. The wines are then commented directly online by the producers on a closed forum in which you can participate if you have purchased this tasting box.
> All shops and restaurants are open

- Shops and restaurants must respect precautionary measures
-> Distance of customers to be respected at the cash desks of the stores
-> Ban on crowding customers in a restaurant (every second table must be empty)
The Swedish monopoly stores are currently selling even more wine than usual because people are going out less

> But hotel & restaurant crisis, since people go out much less to eat and drink

- A little less true now with the arrival of spring and the restaurant / cafe terraces which opened last weekend where people are crowded together as if nothing had happened.
- Take away food delivery and home delivery have exploded
Cultural and professional activities involving more than 50 people are prohibited
> Wine consumption level

- Home consumption, including for wine, is increasing sharply
- Out-of-home consumption decreasing in March and early April; however, people seem to have stopped following the recommendations since the dawn of the summer; the terraces are filled with people
Besides this, attached you will also find a general Corona virus situation report for Denmark, Sweden and Germany that Ehrenberg Sørensen Kommunikation also cover.

More information here.

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