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ViniPortugal encourages online purchases of national wines

Wines of Portugal | 08 June '20
ViniPortugal encourages online purchases of national wines
ViniPortugal launched the challenge for winemakers to gather information in a single digital platform about online wine sales.
232 winemakers, from North to South of the country, joined this initiative, which aims to be a response to the current pandemic context.
To access the list of producers that are selling online or accepting orders via telephone, just consult the Wines of Portugal website.
This initiative is a contribution by ViniPortugal to help national producers in their sales efforts at a more difficult time for the sector. When creating on your website a area dedicated to research of producers by wine region, with systematized information of ongoing promotional campaigns and more direct contacts, ViniPortugal intends to support producers, reinforce the incentive for consumers to buy national products and enhance the
the quality of Portuguese wines.
In the Portuguese version of the Wines of Portugal website, information about 232 producers that make sales and deliveries in national territory. In the English version of the same website provides information about producers who ensure deliveries of wines outside the country (see here).
To get to know all the producers participating in this initiative, access the following links:

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