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    • Vinho Verde

      The outer boundaries of both the “Vinho Regional” Minho and DOC Vinho Verde are the same, stretching from the River Minho in the north, which forms Portugal’s border with Spain, as far down the coast (...)

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    • Trás-os-Montes

      The region is divided into three sub-zones, Chaves, Valpaços and Planalto Mirandês, the first two in the centre of the region, while Planalto Mirandês is on the plateau of the Serra do Mogadouro in the south east, (...)

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    • Porto and Douro

      This is one of the wildest, most mountainous and rugged wine regions of Portugal, cut through in deep twists and turns by the River Douro. Defying gravity on the steep slopes along the banks of the river and its tributaries, the vines (...)

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    • Bairrada

      Although much of the Bairrada region is hilly, the majority of the vineyards are on flatter land. Vineyards are often divided into a multitude of small plots. There are two main types of soil: clay-limestone and sandy, each influencing (...)

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    • Dão and Lafões

      This is high country, rising from 200 metres above sea level at its lowest spots to 1,000 metres in the Serra da Estrela, the high mountain range to the south and east of the region. High altitude makes (...)

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    • Beira Interior

      The climate is seriously continental, hot and dry in summer, but with very cold, long winters.  In the summer and autumn heat, alcohol levels can shoot up before tannins are fully ripened, but with care and skill, good, balanced (...)

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    • Lisboa

      Lisboa is a long, thin region running up beside the Atlantic. Wind is inevitably a strong feature beside the coast – no wonder that these undulating hills bristle with windmills, and no wonder that coastal vines (...)

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    • Tejo

      Viticulture has deep roots in Tejo and it is heralded as one of the oldest wine producing regions in the country. Vineyards have graced the banks of the Tejo River (Tagus in English) since Roman times, and the influence (...)

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    • Península de Setúbal

      The wine region Península de Setúbal also includes a large coastal chunk of the administrative region (as opposed to the wine region) of Alentejo. Much of the area is flat and sandy, with the exception (...)

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    • Alentejo

      The reds, easy drinkers, rich and fruity, are the darlings of Lisbon cafés and restaurants, also to be found on wine lists the length of the country. There are quaffing wines, but also fine wines, especially in the red department. (...)

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